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School Lunches

School lunches are supplied by ‘Nourish.' All meals are hot, with a choice where possible as well as a drink of water. (No sandwiches are provided). 

All our children are entitled to  free school meals. However, If you think you may be eligible for free school meals please check using the following website: fsm.lgfl.net or speak to  a member of staff in the office, as the school  will receive additional funding towards your child's education.

If you would prefer your child to  bring a  packed lunch from  home, please note that under no circumstances must you put in any products that contain nuts. This includes hazelnut chocolate spreads such as Nutella. We have a number of children who are extremely allergic to nuts/nut products and who can suffer a life threatening reaction simply by being near them or touching surfaces where there may be nut product traces. 

Healthy lunchbox ideas

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Please ensure that you provide a balanced lunchbox.No sweets, chocolate bars or fizzy drinks are permitted.

If your child has a food allergy or is unable to eat certain foods, please inform the school office.

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