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Spring 2


Spring 1

The Earth:Our Home! 

During this topic we'll find out some interesting facts about our home planet, explore life on Earth including plants and animals and think about ways in which we can protect the Earth for future generations.

Autumn 2- The Magic Toymaker


This half term our topic is ' The Magic Toymaker'. Children will be learning about toys of the past, studying artwork involving toys, using stories about toys to support their English learning and designing and making their own toy puppet.

Children arrived at school and found a letter attached to the classroom door which contained a challenge from the toymaker. They unlocked the door into our very own toy workshop and used their imaginations to build toys with the construction materials. 

Children then enjoyed a visit from Mr Thomas Aker the toymaker who showed the children toys from the past and taught them how they could tell if a toy was old or new.

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Autumn 1 - 'Who Am I?'

This half term our IPC topic is 'Who Am I?'. In English and PSHE we have been using one of our Educate & Celebrate books, 'Something Else' to help us learn about our own feelings, the feelings of others, that it's okay to be different and how to be a good friend. In History we have been learning about how we have changed as we have grown through our own personal timeline. In Geography we have been learning about the lives of people in other countries and the similarities and differences between our lives here in the UK. In Art and Design we have been learning about the work of Frida Kahlo and creating a self-portrait in the style of her work. In Science we have been learning all about our bodies including our senses. 


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