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Autumn 1 - 'Who Am I?'

This half term our IPC topic is 'Who Am I?'. In English and PSHE we have been using one of our Educate & Celebrate books, 'Something Else' to help us learn about our own feelings, the feelings of others, that it's okay to be different and how to be a good friend. In History we have been learning about how we have changed as we have grown through our own personal timeline. In Geography we have been learning about the lives of people in other countries and the similarities and differences between our lives here in the UK. In Art and Design we have been learning about the work of Frida Kahlo and creating a self-portrait in the style of her work. In Science we have been learning all about our bodies including our senses. 

Who Am I? ~ Our Own Personal Timelines

Children in Oyster Class enjoyed looking at the timeline of their teacher and putting the stages of her development from baby to adult in the correct order. They were then able to use this information to order their own timelines. Some children were able to say what stage would come next in their own personal development and that the timeline of their teacher was longer than their own timeline because their teacher was older than them!

Learn about the 5 sense with Dr Binocs

Listen to the story 'Something Else'

Autumn 1 Photo Gallery

Take a look at some of the amazing work that Oyster Class has been doing so far this half term. They have been working very hard and have been growing their brains. 

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