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Welcome to Reception At Belvedere Infant School

Reception Outside Learning Area

We are very lucky at Belvedere Infant and Nursery School to have an amazing, newly built outside learning environment. In this area we have a large sandpit, performance area, reading hut, role play areas, water exploration area, English, Maths, Construction and Creative areas. This large space allows the children to transfer their learning and skills from the classroom, to their outside activities. 

Safe ~ Happy ~ Learning

Children in Reception access the seven areas of learning through a wide range of adult and child led activities. Children are encouraged to use their senses to explore the world around them, learn through their play and develop their speech, language and communication skills in our language rich environment. 

Reading at Home

Below you will find some links to further support reading at home.





Maths at Home

Below you will find some links to further support Maths at home.





Phonics at Home

Below you will find some links to further support Phonics at home.






Jolly Phonics ~ Can you join in with the songs and actions?


Independent Learning Opportunities

Teachers set up the classrooms with a range of exciting and engaging activities that are practical and multi-sensory. Activities are linked to the half termly topic or the key text for the week. Children have a wide range of resources in the classrooms that they can access freely to support their independent learning activities. Activities are set up to provide children with opportunities to practise their speaking and listening skills and encourage them to practise reading and writing throughout the day. 

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