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Welcome to Year 2

Curriculum overview KS1 and KS2 Y2 English Curriculum OverviewYear 2 Maths Curriculum overview

Autumn 1- 'Brainwaves - Metacognition' and 'From A to B'

In Autumn 1 we begin the new school year by learning about our brain, how it works and how we can make it work at its best.

Half way through Autumn 1 we begin our topic of 'From A to B' which is a topic all about travel - how we travel and where we travel to. Has this changed over time and will it contnue to change in the future? 

Y2 people of the past

Autumn 2 - Let's Celebrate!

In Autumn 2, we will be learning about festivals and celebrations from around the world. We will learn about the countries that celebrate them and the similarities and differences between celebrations. 

y2letscelebrate(1)Y2 Lets celebrate

Spring 1 - Green Fingers

In Spring 1 we will learn about Green Fingers! We will find out about plants growing locally and plants suited to other environments across the world such as the rainforest or a desert. How do plants adapt to different environments and what type of weather would we find in these parts of the world?

y2greenfingers(1)Y2 green fingers

Spring 2 - We are what we eat.

In Spring 2 we are learning about the history of food. How has what we eat changed over the years? We will learn about different ways of keeping food fresh and the food shopping habits of people in the past. We will make comparisons to how we eat today.

y2wearewhatweeat(2)Y2 we are what we eat

Summer 1 - Treasure Island

In Summer 1 we will be finding out about explorers from the past. We will learn about the voyages they took and where they travelled to, finding their routes on a world map. We will learn about the difficulties and dangers they may have faced on their adventures. 

Y2 Treasure IslandY2 Treasure Island Summer 1

Summer 2 - The Circus is coming to town

In Summer 2 we will learn about the history of the circus. Where did they travel to? What jobs did they have? 

We will also debate on the ethics of using animals in a circus. Is this right and are the animals treated fairly?

KO Y2 The circus is coming to towny2 sum 2 the circus is coming to town

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